Tiny Gnomes provides many methods and ways to get data in and out, and to allow you to integrate your applications or even legacy data with our system.

Tiny Gnomes developer services

What is business life management?

Tiny Gnomes is built on the belief that business planning and communication serves people best when it's organized and accessible from anywhere. Your schedule, project planning, contacts, files and documents should be all in one place, giving you a whole picture of your daily work and status on ongoing projects.

How many users does Tiny Gnomes support?

Tiny Gnomes supports a relative unlimited amount of users. Pricing varies on your company's size and requirements.

Tiny Gnomes Pricing

=# How do you identify users? Concurrent? Named?
Unlike other services, we identify users as concurrent users and not named users. We feel this allows our customers to have the most flexible user experience. some other companies.

=# There are lots of Project Management and Collaboration applications out there. What makes Qtask different?

As the airlines sometimes say, "Thank you for flying with us. We know you have a choice." There are no other project management and collaboration applications out there that do everything that Qtask does. What sets Qtask apart is =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5744] email= , =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5765] syndication= , =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5852]mobile connectivity= , =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5738] compliance= and =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5723] file sharing= . Most Project management applications work along side other applications like Microsoft Outlook or Windows and are required for email and file sharing to complete the processes of these activities. With Qtask, you have these functions within it, eliminating the need for these outside applications. On the other side of that concept, with syndication capabilities, sharing files and Qwiki's with outside members is easily done by sending the outsider a syndicated link. Click =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5765] here= to learn more about syndication.

=# Qtask seems really complete. How long is the training?

Training on Qtask can vary depending on the team member's computing skills. Many first-time Qtask users can navigate in Qtask with no instruction at all. All users can utilize wizards and tutorials to get them started on more complex operations, if necessary. Qtask is intuitively designed so that anyone who can use an Internet browser can use Qtask. For those who are more computer-challenged, usually a one-day class can get them up to speed with confidence and ease. The simple knowledge that Qtask cannot be broken and data, files, emails, scheduled dates, etc., cannot be lost usually reduces anxiety for new Qtask members.

=# How hard is Qtask Enterprise to implement?

Since Qtask is an application that runs on your internet browser, there is very little implementation or roll-out process. Enterprise hosted solutions are installed on your company's Unix server. For more information on installation and requirements, click =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=427&aid=5520] here= for the installation guide.

=# What are your delivery models?

The Qtask service can be delivered as an enterprise solution - meaning at your location and on your servers or as a Software as a Solution through a Qtask hosting center. Either option provides you with the full functionality that all our users have come to expect in their project, task and program management solution.

=# How much does it cost?
Pricing for Qtask Enterprise can vary depending on how many users required. Generally, prices range from $45 to $75 per user per month. See =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5789] pricing= for more information.

=# How long does Qtask Enterprise take to be up and running?

Typically, Qtask installs in about four hours.

=# I'm looking for some flexibility. Can I run a small group and then expand it to my entire company?

Yes! You can try Qtask Enterprise on a small group. In fact, we recommend this so that your managers can set up projects, import data, and decide team members prior to expanding usage to the entire team.

=# What is the minimum commitment for users?

The minimum users for Qtask is 10 seats.

=# How do I purchase Qtask?

The first step to purchasing Qtask Enterprise is to contact us and a representative will call you to set up the purchase. For more information on how to contact us, click =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5608] here= .

=# What are the system requirements for Qtask Enterprise?
Hardware and Software requirements for Qtask Enterprise are listed =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=427&aid=5520] here=

=# Will you conflict with my ERP or SFA programs?

NO. Qtask is a stand alone web application. You are able to take advantage of existing ERP data and have that imported into qtask for even greater flexibility and data control.

=# Do you offer training?

Yes. Qtask Enterprise training is offered via tutorials, remote desktop, and training classes. In addition, we publish a newsletter to announce tips and tricks in using Qtask Enterprise.

=# What kind of technical support do I get with my purchase?

At Qtask, we take customer technical support beyond where other companies leave off. Technical support for Qtask Enterprise is offered at the following levels:
=* Dedicated Account Management
=* Dedicated Web and Live Help Desk
=* Knowledge Repository
=* Help Guides and Wizards
=* Active Process for Customer Support and Care

For more information on technical support, click =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5807] here= .

=# What if I want to customize Qtask?

Qtask Enterprise is very versatile as an application and most companies use it as is. However, we can work on a custom solution for your company if your needs are not met with the basic features. Contact us about your ideas to find a solution. Click =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5608] here= for contact information.

=# How is data kept secure on Qtask?

You can rest assured that all data in Qtask is completely secure. Nothing is ever lost. Your business rules will dictate who can view data in Qtask by using lead and user controls when setting up projects. For more information about security, click =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5756] here= .

=# Can Qtask replace Outlook?

While we are happy to work alongside Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft Office products, you will find that after using Qtask Enterprise for a while, you will no longer need Outlook for any of it's functions. Outlook's most used function, email, is incorporated with Qtask Enterprise along with calendaring, task assignments, journaling, notes, contact lists, and so much more are all features of Qtask Enterprise.

=# Can Qtask replace my company's Intranet site?
With file sharing, scheduling, announcements in forums and much more, all available in Qtask Enterprise, your company's Intranet site's functions can be moved to a project for your whole company in Qtask.

=# If I decide I wish to terminate using Qtask, how will I be able to retrieve my data?

You can export your Qtask data at any time to make available outside of the application. Upon termination of Qtask Enterprise, we will assist in your exit to package your data for use elsewhere.

=# Can I add more members to Qtask after I've made the enterprise purchase?

Yes. Contact us for details =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5608] here= .

=# Some companies are trying to replace my Microsoft Office Suite. Does Qtask try to do this also?

While we could replace the Microsoft Office applications with the feature-rich Qtask Enterprise, we do not strive to do this. Qtask Enterprise is a stand alone service. Meaning that you don't need other applications, other than a web browser, to use Qtask, ever. However, we recognize your company's investments in software and do not wish to replace them. Qtask Enterprise handles files created by Microsoft Office easily in =link[http://www.qtask.com/qwiki.cgi?project=2641&aid=5621] file sharing= making Qtask Enterprise completely compatible with Microsoft Office generated files (Word, Excel, etc.).

Tiny Gnomes is a secure cloud-based suite of tools for project management.

Finally, get your team on the same page.

This website uses cookies to improve your web experience. Learn More…



Tiny Gnomes is a secure cloud-based suite of tools for project management.

Finally, get your team on the same page.

This website uses cookies to improve your web experience. Learn More…



Tiny Gnomes is a secure cloud-based suite of tools for project management.

Finally, get your team on the same page.

This website uses cookies to improve your web experience. Learn More…